Commercial product is now available for sale.  Product does not contain canthaxanthin.


Astaxanthin, from the yeast Phaffia rhodozyma, is a natural source of red pigment that impacts the characteristic red color to the flesh of salmon and trout.   In the ocean, salmonids obtain astaxanthin from krill and other planktonic crustaceans that are a normal part of their diet. Without a source of astaxanthin in their diets, the flesh of farm raised salmon and trout would be a pale, off-white color, which is less appealing to consumers. Igene's astaxanthin is made from renewable ingredients without the use of petrochemicals or recombinant DNA modification (non-GMO) from a proprietary strain of Phaffia rhodozyma. As a source of protein and other nutrients, Igene's astaxanthin is an economical alternative to feeding a prohibitively expensive crustacean diet, and a natural alternative to the chemically synthesized astaxanthin pigment currently used in the aquaculture industry. Igene's dried yeast product contains guaranteed levels of astaxanthin. This is the most reliable and well-documented naturally sourced astaxanthin for use in feed, and specially formulated to maximize bioavailability of the pigment. Commercial use has shown Igene’s astaxanthin provides equal or better pigmentation in salmon and trout compared to synthetic pigments.